Top 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Google Searches



 Top 10 Ways to Speed Up and Beef Up Your Google Searches


1. Know When Not to Google

Sometimes, Google just isn't the best search engine to use. If you're looking for something very specific, there might be a lesser-known search engine that suits you better, like the cruft-free Blekko or the data-driven Wolfram Alpha. Google will always have something for you, but if you're not having a lot of luck (or if the results are just taking to long to find), check out our list of other worthwhile search engines and when to use them to keep up on your alternatives.

2. Add Custom Searches to Your Browser

Top 10 Ways to Speed Up and Beef Up Your Google Searches

If you really want to speed up your Google searches, why not make them before you even visit Google? You already know you can search from your browser's address bar, but your address bar can do oh-so-much more. Want to search a specific site without typing out the whole site: operator? Use a custom search keyword. Want to search for results from the past year without having to click that option later on? Custom search keywords can do that too. Check out our list of custom searches you should enable right now (and its follow-up list) for ideas.

3. Use Advanced Operators

You've probably heard about searching for multiple terms with the AND operator, but what about more advanced ones? For example, you can search a specific site by using the site: operator, ignore certain sites with the -site: operator, or even search for two words close together with the AROUND operator. Check out our guide to tweaking your search when Google doesn't give you want you want for more ideas.

4. Highlight Your Search Terms on the Resulting Pages

So you've gotten some results for your search terms, but then once you click on the page, you can't find where it actually used those words. You could just use Ctrl+F to find them, but Google Quick Scroll will do it for you. Just install it in Chrome and get to searching. It'll highlight your search terms on any of the resulting pages without you having to lift a finger.

5. Turn Off Google's More Annoying Features

Top 10 Ways to Speed Up and Beef Up Your Google Searches

Don't like Google's new personal search results? Sick of its annoying instant previews? Some features—like the Search Plus Your World—you can turn off right from your Google Settings (Google Instant Search falls into that camp, too). Others—like the Instant Previews—require a user script or AdBlock filter to turn off. However, no matter what your annoyance, you should be able to find a way to remove it from your view entirely.

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